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deadeye Skills

based on NA/EU version
  1. Enforce Execution
    ComboEnforce Execution
  2. Sign of Apocalypse
    ComboSign of Apocalypse
  3. Hour of Judgment
    NormalHour of Judgment
  4. Spiral Flame
    NormalSpiral Flame
  5. Triple Explosion
    ChainTriple Explosion
  6. Catastrophe
  7. Death Fire
    HoldingDeath Fire
  8. Meteor Stream
    PointMeteor Stream
  9. Shotgun Dominator
    HoldingShotgun Dominator
  10. AT02 Grenade
    PointAT02 Grenade
  11. Plasma Bullet
    NormalPlasma Bullet
  12. Shotgun Rapid Fire
    NormalShotgun Rapid Fire
  13. Spiral Tracker
    PointSpiral Tracker
  14. Cruel Tracker
    NormalCruel Tracker
  15. Dexterous Shot
    ComboDexterous Shot
  16. Somersault Shot
    NormalSomersault Shot
  17. Equilibrium
  18. Last Request
    NormalLast Request
  19. Aimed Shot
    NormalAimed Shot
  20. Clay Bombardment
    NormalClay Bombardment
  21. Quick Shot
    ChainQuick Shot
  22. Perfect Shot
    HoldingPerfect Shot
  23. Bursting Flare
    NormalBursting Flare