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Those who control the inherent demonic nature and wield the sword of chaos!

deathblade Skills

based on NA/EU version
  1. Surprise Attack
    NormalSurprise Attack
  2. Wind Cut
    NormalWind Cut
  3. Upper Slash
    NormalUpper Slash
  4. Earth Cleaver
    NormalEarth Cleaver
  5. Death Sentence
    NormalDeath Sentence
  6. Twin Shadows
    ChainTwin Shadows
  7. Blade Dance
    HoldingBlade Dance
  8. Soul Absorber
    ChargeSoul Absorber
  9. Spincutter
  10. Turning Slash
    NormalTurning Slash
  11. Moonlight Sonic
    NormalMoonlight Sonic
  12. Dark Axel
    NormalDark Axel
  13. Maelstrom
  14. Polestar
  15. Void Strike
    ChargeVoid Strike
  16. Fatal Wave
    NormalFatal Wave
  17. Blitz Rush
    ChargeBlitz Rush
  18. Head Hunt
    NormalHead Hunt
  19. Flash Blink
    NormalFlash Blink
  20. Blade Assault
    HoldingBlade Assault