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Sense. The infinite power of the Orb...

scrapper Skills

based on NA/EU version
  1. Charging Blow
    NormalCharging Blow
  2. Dragon Advent
    PointDragon Advent
  3. Judgment
  4. Earthquake Chain
    NormalEarthquake Chain
  5. Chain of Resonance
    NormalChain of Resonance
  6. Crushing Smite
    ComboCrushing Smite
  7. Chain Destruction Fist
    NormalChain Destruction Fist
  8. Death Rattle
    NormalDeath Rattle
  9. Supernova
  10. Instant Hit
    NormalInstant Hit
  11. Roundup Sweep
    NormalRoundup Sweep
  12. Fierce Tiger Strike
    NormalFierce Tiger Strike
  13. Continuous Push
    HoldingContinuous Push
  14. Critical Blow
    ChargeCritical Blow
  15. Battering Fists
    HoldingBattering Fists
  16. Iron Cannon Blow
    ComboIron Cannon Blow
  17. True Rising Fist
    ComboTrue Rising Fist
  18. Undefeated Dragon King
    PointUndefeated Dragon King
  19. Shredding Strike
    NormalShredding Strike
  20. Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination
    NormalMysterious Art: Blast of Ruination