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wardancer Skills

based on NA/EU version
  1. Esoteric Skill: Blast Formation
    NormalEsoteric Skill: Blast Formation
  2. Esoteric Skill: Spiral Impact
    NormalEsoteric Skill: Spiral Impact
  3. Esoteric Skill: Rising Fire Dragon
    NormalEsoteric Skill: Rising Fire Dragon
  4. Flash Heat Fang
    NormalFlash Heat Fang
  5. Sleeping Ascent Celebration
    ComboSleeping Ascent Celebration
  6. Roar of Courage
    NormalRoar of Courage
  7. Seismic Strike
    NormalSeismic Strike
  8. Esoteric Skill: Lightning Strike
    NormalEsoteric Skill: Lightning Strike
  9. Esoteric Skill: Call of the Wind God
    HoldingEsoteric Skill: Call of the Wind God
  10. Wind's Whisper
    NormalWind's Whisper
  11. Phoenix Advent
    PointPhoenix Advent
  12. Sky Shattering Blow
    ComboSky Shattering Blow
  13. Lightning Kick
    NormalLightning Kick
  14. Triple Fist
    NormalTriple Fist
  15. Moon Flash Kick
    ComboMoon Flash Kick
  16. Swift Wind Kick
    NormalSwift Wind Kick
  17. Energy Combustion
    NormalEnergy Combustion
  18. Ultimate Skill: Flash Rage Blow
    HoldingUltimate Skill: Flash Rage Blow
  19. Sweeping Kick
    ComboSweeping Kick
  20. Ultimate Skill: Fist of Dominance
    NormalUltimate Skill: Fist of Dominance